Tuesday, 30 November 2010

I've seen Them!!!!


I've seen them! I've SEEN Them!!!

The Missus took me out for a walk across the fields and all of a sudden, there, floating down onto the ground came the Snow Fairy's, they were Beautiful!

I jumped around trying to catch them in my mouth but they seem to disappear too quickly. I saw them land on the ground and I jumped on them to hold one down with my paw so I can say 'Hello', but when I looked under my paw, they'd gone! Sneaky Snow Fairy's!! 

Then all of a sudden, they all stopped flying around and were gone, I hope it was not something I did! TM says they will be back again soon and I'm not to worry.

Old Two Legs and I went out in the car, something to do with his work. On the way back we stopped off by the sea side and had a run along the beach and over the rocks.

I played Captain 'Dangerous' Daisy all over the rocks and pretended I had been marooned by my scurvy crew led by 'Old Salty Dog' Two Legs!

 I had a big battle with him and I won, again!

Hard Tack  and water for him and no whisky, for a whole week!

Captain Daisy

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