Friday, 5 November 2010

Keeping Two Legs under control

Hi Folks!

Being a Puppy and also the smallest in the house normally means you have to do what your told all the time.

You know, get off the furniture, get off the bed, don't pee on the carpet, don't stand in your water bowl, give me my sock back! All boring stuff, but there are times when you can get your own back.

Well, yesterday I've had a 'Result'.

Old Two Legs was getting ready to take me out for my late morning walk. He was phaffing around looking for my lead so I went ahead of him out the door.

Us doggy's are more in tune to the weather than you lot and I knew that in about ten minutes we would get rain. 


Would you wear This?

Puddles, wet grass, mud, smelly ditches, Fox Poo, yes, rain, No!

So being off the lead I decided that a quick run around the football pitch behind the house would be a good idea. A quick wee and a poo then back for some lunch.

OTL did not see it that way, he wanted to go over the fields, no chance, so I started to walk down the path to the park.

OTL was a sight to see, calling, blowing the whistle, jumping up & down, shouting, then finally walking towards me as though he was going to clip the lead onto my collar. I kept about ten feet in front of him all the time, running towards the park, stopping, let him almost catch up, then trotting another few feet, stopping so that he thought I was was waiting for him and just as he got close, off I would trot again!

Well, we went around the park, I had a wee and a poo, OTL put that in the 'Poo Bin'.

Then it started to rain. So, like the good puppy I am, I let him clip the lead on and we made a hasty retreat to home.

I think, secretly, he was pleased he did not have to walk in the rain but it was good to get one over on OTL though!


  1. Yes Daisy, you had the same result with ME this morning !! Hugs from the Missus XX

  2. Are you sure there is not a bit of TT in this dog somewhere, all sounds so familiar. Mary x

  3. Mary, it's the Terrier bit that is important, the rest is for the Two Legs to tell us apart!

    Terriers Rool, Yeh!!!