Monday, 22 November 2010

Monsters in The Loft

Hello All!

Sunday was a fun day for me. Old Two Legs was messing about in the loft, so, being a curious sort of puppy I sat at the bottom of the ladder and whined, well, a sort of snivel really, but it worked.

OTL came down the ladder and picked me up and carried me up into the loft. It was GREAT! I ran about all over the place chasing Greasy Badgers and Monsters AND Hissin Chrissy.

Fun in the Loft
OTL had a fun time trying to catch me when he wanted to go down the ladder, mind you, TM calling out that dinner was on the table, that really did attract my attention!

Later we went out for a walk down by the seaside, however, we didn't get to the sea exactly, OTL spent most of his time fighting to get through marsh and deep ditches. Me? I just jumped from one side of the ditch to the other! You see, four legs come in very helpful sometimes!

Well we got back and I got a wash down in the kitchen sink and OTL got told off for 'leading me astray', too right, it took TM to tell him off good and proper.

Poor Old Two Legs, as he often says, he is always in trouble, it's only the depth that worries him, and those ditches were deep!  

On the brighter side, we met a couple of Yorkie type of dogs in the park, being taken for a walk by their owner, no problem with that, except they also had a big black cat with them as well.

You know me and cats! Off I went like a rocket on legs, the cat was a little more used to doggy's and stood there, back arched and hissin an spitting like Hissin Chrissy. Obviously that cat has been around dogs for far too long.

I woofed and then backed off, you think I'm stupid or something?

Bye bye for now!


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  1. That Loft looks like a great place to be. Hugs, Mary & Dougal X