Monday, 29 November 2010

What happened to the snow?

A Big Hello to you all,

I don't know about you but here we seemed have missed the snow. I've been looking out the window all day and no sign of it at all. I was looking forward to chasing the Snow Fairy's!

Still, OTL and I went out for a long run through the woods and met loads of other doggy's. Here is me making friends with a four legged carpet!

Me and a carpet!
We went all over the woods, OTL taking pictures.

Frosty Ferns.
I played at 'Pirates' again, Captain 'Dangerous' Daisy sails again!

Captain 'Dangerous' Daisy
It was fun, but not as much fun as if Holly was here as well.

OTL would not run along the tree trunk like Holly would!

See you all soon!



  1. Hi Daisy, You dont have any snow cos we have it all, its really deep and sticks in little snowballs all over Dougal, well he will run about in it. Hugs Mary & Dougal X

  2. Lucky Dougal! I've not seen a single flake yet.I keep sitting by the window watching the birds on the feeders and so far, it's just husks from the seeds they are eating, are the only thing floating to the ground. Claws crossed, for some snow later this week.