Friday, 26 November 2010


Hi All!

I found this photo from this years holiday, I say this year, but, as I'm only just over a year old, it is the only summer holiday I've been on!

Anyway, OTL and I had a great time having adventures an such, but, when we got back to the caravan. TM had been making cards. There was bits of paper and card everwhere, ink pads in dangerous place where a puppy like me could tread, and get into trouble for doing it!

Finding somewhere to have a snoozette is fraught with danger, a puppy could fall off and get covered with sparkle dust, and be in even More Trouble! 

Some Holiday this is!
So, here is a request from all us animals who have card making owners.

Leave some space for us, preferably, warm soft and away from sticky glue, sparkle stuff and sharp things!

Kissy kissy


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  1. We think it looks really cosy. Hugs Mary & Dougal X