Monday, 27 December 2010

Boxing Day Games

Hello Everyone!

Daisy & Holly here again.

We must put our paws up to being lazy little puppies today. After the Christmas Day fun with all the family we were just worn out. You know, we didn't get up until seven this morning, we got into our baskets last night and just crashed out!

Today Old Two Legs gave us some more presents to open and Holly got a Ruffty Tuffty type of toy we can both chew and play games of 'Tug' with and it stands up to our teeth, so far! 

I got a very hard rubber ball on a rope that OTL throws for us and Holly and me chase after it and have a game of 'Tug' with that as well.

There were some more nibble things that we like as well.

So, by four in the afternoon we were whacked again!

Here I am having a nibble on the 'Walking Stick' rawhide.

A Big Chew for a Little Dog!
Holly on the other hand, she had been nibbling so much that she did not eat all her dinner, still she can go back to it later on after The Missus and OTL have had their dinner.

She decided to have a snooze cuddling the 'Ruffty Tuffty' toy!

Ruffty Tuffty Holly
We have both had a super couple of days with OTL & TM, a real family time.

Now let me show you a picture of Ethan, who has got a thing about TV Controllers, on Christmas Day he was running around with the controller changing the channels on the TV and switching off the TV the other boys were playing their games on!

OTL sorted him out in the end, he took the batteries out of the controller!

Ethan just could not work out what was wrong! OTL reckons that when his birthday comes around he will buy Ethan a BIG controller with loads of lights on it but no Batteries! Sneaky or wot!


We'll be back tomorrow with more tales as OTL has promised to take us out on an adventure, but he's not saying where we will be going. He says it's a secret, not even TM knows, so it must be special if she doesn't know!!

Bye for now!

Daisy & Holly

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