Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas to you all and thanks to Dougal, Mary & Grant and PeeJay for the messages, not forgetting Thomas as well and a special Woof to Aggis and his family up in Scotland and all our followers on the Blog.

Holly and I have had a Brilliant day.

First of all, Father Christmas visited and left loads of presents for everyone, including Holly and me!

We know that he comes down the chimney to leave the presents but we can't work out how he got into the house 'cos the fireplace has been blocked up and there is no sign of sooty boot marks on the carpet.

We soon stopped worrying about that as we were both given our presents. There was a HUGE rawhide stick each for both Holly and me and a sock each full of chocy drops and nibblets and a squeaky bone that we will wake Old Two Legs with early in the morning!

There was loads of 'nibbles' that were on the table, so Holly and I mugged anyone who went near them. I just love the Twigglets and the small sausages on sticks were OK, after you got rid of the sticks!

Then there was Christmas Dinner, well, we have never seen such an enormous chicken, it was so big that every one got a helping and there was still loads left afterwards. Old Two Legs told us it was called Turkey. I didn't care what it's name was, it was still one giant of a chicken! 

We had some of the chicken and there was some vegetable things called Brussels Sprouts, tasted a bit funny and both Holly and me suffered from a little wind later in the day!

Merry Christmas from Daisy & Holly and our Family
There was everyone there, children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents and of course, us puppies.

We got made a serious fuss of and played games with all the children. Loads of fun and chasing about left us tired little girls. We are just not used to all this excitement!

I hope your Christmas Day was as enjoyable as ours!

See you tomorrow,

Daisy & Holly

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