Friday, 10 December 2010

Cooking Daisy's Dinner

Hello There,

Daisy is back again!

I had a scare today, me and Old Two Legs were having a game of Tug with my knotted rope toy. He manages to get it off me sometimes and tiggles my tummy with it while I try to grab it, sometimes I roll over trying to get it, great fun and we laugh a lot doing it!

Well there we were playing and The Missus was doing some cooking, she left the pan on the cooker and came in to see what OTL and I doing because we were making such a noise! 

She stood there for a moment and then joined in the fun, a real three way rope Tug. After a while she went back to the kitchen, as she opened the door, smoke billowed out, she yelled FIRE!!! OTL jumped up and ran into the kitchen and closed the door.

Seems the chip pan got too hot! A close call says OTL, it seems that TM does this every so often!

Excitement over for the day, back to sleep and a think about this Twinkling Tree, Three Camels and Mr Snowy.

I think Mr Snowy may be related to the Snow Fairy but he is lasting much longer than the Snow Fairy, unless TM sets fire to him!!

Tomorrow I go to see Holly at her house and then OTL will pick us both up on his way back from Grandma's.

I am getting SO Excited!



  1. Daisy are confused again ... Rape seed oil in a Wok ... Not a chip pan! Was scary tho...lots of smoke and flames ...OTL was soooo brave! He's my hero!x

  2. ooh - you just wanted to call out some sexy firemen didn't you!!