Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Holly's new coat

A big hello to you all,

Daisy & Holly here.

After we've had our hair cut it seems a little colder around the tail and Old Two Legs said we could put our coat on if we felt cold. It was then that he realised that Holly didn't have a coat. So, off we went in the car up to the Doggy Shop where I got my coat.

Holly was beside herself in there, just like me she just loves the smells in that place. If you ignore the rabbit stuff and the hamster smells and the lizard, the rest is all Doggy smells, wonderful!

Holly got measured and fitted with a warm coat, she looked 'The Business', we were almost looking forward to the cold weather, just so we can wear our coats!

The Missus says it is going to get cold this weekend, so we'll be ok!!

I was watching the TV last night and one of those adverts came on showing Three camels, with men riding on their backs, OTL said it was about a thing called a SatNav. 

OK, now we have horses, camels, carpenters, pubs and SatNav's, Christmas Presents and Compost Bins.

I'm getting seriously confused here!

OTL wanted to take a picture of us looking all smart like after our haircut, but after a long day driving up to see Grandma, we all felt sort of ,well Tired, to be honest, totally Whacked Out!

So, instead of us all bright eyed and furry tailed and smiling for the camera. Here we are, cuddled up to OTL having a snooze after dinner!
Safe with OTL!

Maybe tomorrow with the photograph, after our mid morning snoozett!

Bye bye for now,

Daisy & Holly

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