Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Me & The Snow Fairy

Hello Everyone!

Did I get a Surprise this morning!

I opened the curtain and looked out in the garden, the Snow Fairy has returned and bought all her family with her. It must be a big family 'cos they have covered everywhere!

I couldn't wait to go out to say hello, it was BRILLIANT!

Me & My Mate The Snow Fairy
Old Two Legs put my coat on and took me out for a run across the fields, there were loads of Fairy's out there. I had such a time running and chasing them, I even rolled around on my back!

I went to see if the rabbits were coming out to play, but there was no answer to my woofing, maybe they were still in bed!

Anyone Home?
When I got home I was all wet and a little cold on my legs, so OTL gave me a good rubbing down with my very own special doggy towel followed by a good brush, all over.

It was, Absolute Heaven!

It has been a Great Day!

Hope you had fun as well!


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