Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Monday, Chilly Monday!

Hello to you all,

We've  had a funny day today, first of all we went off with Old Two Legs for a run around the fields, boy was it chilly! The ground was hard, but that made it easier to run on and Boy, did we run! It was super having someone to play chase with who runs as fast as I do. Old Two Legs gets a up a small run then gives up, puffing and wheezing. He really should get more exercise, more walkies with us!

A little later OTL took us out in the car, for what we thought, was going to be a long walk through the woods. Were we mistaken! We turned off towards the vets place and that had me worried for starters! OTL drove past the vets, Phew! but then he turned into the kennels next door! Shock!, Horror! He was going to sell us, to the Dogs Home, all because we had been naughty and woken him up too early!

We don't like this place!

In we went, not very happy puppies. I tried to tell him we were both sorry and we wouldn't do it again. He didn't listen, handed the lead over to the girls and left us!!!

Suddenly I remembered this place, we had not been here for such a long time, at least three months, we were going to get a Hair Cut and Wash Under the Tail!

That was OK, we knew he'd hadn't sold us, he'll be back in a couple of hours, and, we'd still have our tails!

You should've seen us, we had our claws done, hair cut shampooed and set, blow dried, brushed and pampered, our hair was trimmed in the important places. (Holly said it was called a ' Mohican'!) I said it was Drafty!

We even had a squirt of Doggy Deodorant that made us smell like The Missus when she goes out somewhere special!

Well, when OTL came to pick us up we were SO pleased to see him and we promised to be good girls for him and not wake him up too early and sit at the kerb and not bark at the postman and not scratch the door and not mug him for Shortbread and, well, I reckon that was enough to be getting on with!

When we got home,The Missus, went all Goo, Goo.

You know, Oh aren't they sweet, let me cuddle them. No Way, OTL had paid a fortune for this hair cut and we had promised to stay clean and tidy, until we went for a walk over the fields.

Can we go out now?

See you tomorrow, we're off to the woods!

Daisy & Holly


  1. Im sure you both look really smart. Hugs Mary & Dougal X

  2. Hello Dougal!

    OLT say's he is going to take a picture of us, before we get too mucky!


    Daisy & Holly