Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Snow Fairy is not very well!

Hello Everyone,

Old Two Legs and I went out early this morning and things have changed.

For a start, the wind was not as cold as it has been. The snow did not stick to my fur in balls like it has done.

I've had a look at the snow and it seems to be changing to water! 

I don't think the Snow Fairy likes the warm weather and is fading into the earth. 

Sad really but OTL says she will come back again when the winds turn cold again.

On the walk this morning I got OTL to pick me up to play at Pirates again but I changed my mind and played Shackleton instead, looking for Icebergs on the River Thames!

I see no Icebergs!
Because the snow is going away, OTL decided not to go out looking for snow covered trees, instead he stayed in and cleared up his office.

I now have trouble finding my chews, he has put them somewhere, TIDY!!!!

The Missus was supposed to go out today with her mate Sheila and make cards at Karen's house. 

That would mean OTL and I could lay around the house and eat biscuits all day and watch TV.

No such luck, Karen has got a cold so Sheila and TM spent all day in our house making a mess with the ink and glitter and bits of peel off...................they are SO messy!

OTL and I spent all day in his office, tidying it up, snoozing and watching football on the TV.

Well, that's what Saturday's are for!

See you soon.


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