Monday, 6 December 2010

A Strange Sunday

Hi All and a big Hello To PeeJay,

I've had a Strange Sunday, it started off with some noises around half past one in the morning, (well, middle of the night as Old Two Legs likes to say!) I was not sure what is was, but it woke me up and I went into GD (Guard Dog) mode. I started to woof at the noise, very loud, one of my special GD woofs that go on a long time and get louder and longer.

OTL started barking as well, but I think he was barking at me!

It was good to have a midnight bark, but after a while I got bored and drifted off to sleep again, only grumbling every so often, just to let OTL know I was still on Guard Duty. I could hear him grumbling as well, but he does that every time he goes to sleep, The Missus calls it Snoring!

All this fun meant that I was a little tired this morning, so I retired to the 'Day Bed' a little earlier than normal surrounded by my toys and chews.

The Day Bed
There I was, all snoozy and relaxed when OTL crept out of the office, opened the loft hatch and rattled the loft ladder, then rushed up there and stated getting stuff out that I have never seen before. 

The Missus was there, giving him instructions (he says Orders!) on what to get down next.

Soon there was loads of boxes and a tree in bits, everywhere!

TM was fiddling with something she calls Snowy, well, when she finished, I could hardly believe my eyes, it glowed AND moved. I wasn't too sure about this new thing, so I gave it a woof and a grumble just to let him know who was in charge!


OTL put the tree together and hung little lights all over it, and they all twinkled!

Then TM started to hang balls and other stuff all over the tree and she warned me that I was not to touch them!

I'm not sure what this is all about but they both seem in a happy mood, so it must be good!

I'll let you know what happens.

Bye for now,


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