Friday, 3 December 2010

There is something going on.

Hello All,

I think there is something going on and I'm not too sure what it is. Besides the snow getting deeper and the wind blowing a little harder, Old Two Legs and The Missus have been getting all sort of 'secret', y'know, whispering behind their hands and looking at me at the same time and giggling. 

Maybe they need a worming tablet each!

We went out shopping yesterday to get some 'emergency stuff', what ever that is, they called into Tesco's and TM came out with a couple of plastic bags full of food. 

Off we went to the 'Doggy Shop' and they got a ton of stuff in there for the birds. Also some other stuff they would not let me see, smelt good though!

I love going to the Doggy Shop, the smells are FANTASTIC! I could live on just the smells!

We got back home and OTL took me out for a walk, well, the snow stuck to me in lumps, big lumps and loads of them. 

It was great having a roll in the snow, have a look at these photo's OTL took.

Rolling in the snow #1
Rolling in the snow #2
I jumped up at OTL's leg, which is my sign that I want to be carried on his shoulder for a while. It didn't last too long, he started to complain that the snow was going down his neck..............So?

When we got back, he reckoned I'd got a touch of the 'Dougal Snowballs' 

I don't know about that but I did have to walk with legs further apart than normal!

Snowballs like Dougal!
When we got back home OTL washed me down with warm water to get rid of the snowballs.

After that, a good rub down with my own towel and I was as right as could be. 

Then I ordered up breakfast and afterwards had my second morning snooze in the day bed!

Y'know, it's a hard life being a puppy!

See you all tomorrow!



  1. You live the life of 'Riley' Daisy !! Spoilt rotten......and why not? x

  2. I let dougal see your picture and he reckons it's lucky you have that fab coat or the "snowballs" would be all over you! When he's been out in the snow he likes to share my breakfast before going for a snooze too. Hugs Mary & Dougal X