Sunday, 12 December 2010

Wild Wild Woods

Hello Again,

Daisy & Holly here!

On Friday when OTL came to pick us up, Holly and I gave him a BPW, (that's a Big Puppy Welcome).

We raced up to him and licked his ears, well, Holly had one ear and I had the other!

Soon we were off with OTL in the car, we left The Missus to guard Holly's house and look after the boys.

We were driving home, singing songs and woofing at the other drivers. Holly and I were also pulling faces and sticking our tongues out as well!

When we got home OTL let us out for a sniff around the garden and afterwards we settled down to mug Old Two Legs for little bits of his Short Bread, he has that with his whisky!
We woke up at five on Saturday morning and Holly wanted a wee, so we both woke OTL with a combined chorus of , 'We Want a WEEEEEE!!!!!!'

He was not a happy OTL that early in the morning! 

Later in the day we went out in the woods on an adventure with OTL and got so muddy that he had to spend half an hour toweling us down before we could get into the car!

A Little Muddy!
We played at Mountain Climbing, I was Hillary and Holly was Tenzing

Tenzing at the Top!

Holly showed me how she can climb trees. She said she learnt it by watching pussy cats when she chased them up trees! 
Pussy Cat Holly!

On the way home we stopped at a Garden Centre, there were loads of trees like the one we've got at home. Look! I said to Holly, we got one like that, but our one twinkles!

OTL took us in, perched on his shoulders, someone said that dogs weren't allowed but he said we weren't dogs, we were his Parrots and tried to get us to say 'Who's a Pretty Girl Then?'

We both said 'Woof', which was near enough for OTL!

He brought a plastic bucket thing he called a 'Compost Bin' and said it was going to be one of TM 'Christmas Presents'

What is this Christmas Present thing? Is it something to do with the camels in the pub?

Kissy Kissy

Daisy & Holly

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