Friday, 17 December 2010

The Wire Haired Fox Terrier comes out in us!

Hello Fans!

Daisy & Holly here again!

We must tell you about our walk this morning. The Missus took us out and we went on our normal route out past the holiday camp.

Well, we got to the turning where we head off to the Old Barn and I spotted it first.

There, in the field, in the middle of the field, standing on its own, was the biggest old dog fox that Holly and I had ever seen.

Something clicked in our DNA, (Doggy kNows All), we both stood looking at this fox for about half second, then we were off, going like Rocket Propelled Puppies. 

Holly was slightly in front of me giving out the traditional hunting call of the WHFT (Wire Haired Fox Terrier).

We had learnt the call from our Mum, she'd have been proud of us!

The Missus had by now seen what was going on and started to call us back, (no chance!) still we chased after the fox, who by now had decided that a VFX (Very Fast eXit) was in order and proceeded to leg it across the field.

TM was jumping up and down calling us, blowing the Doggy Whistle so hard I thought she would break it!

After a while I could see that the fox knew where it was going, into a big bramble bush where I know it had several exits. I reckoned that if it got there before us it wasn't worth chasing any more.

Yep! It got there first and disappeared inside. Holly got there next and dived in, I had by then stopped and was listening to TM jumping and shouting and blowing the whistle like a thing possessed!

Ooops! I thought, we could be in trouble here! Holly was still crashing around in the brambles and making a terrible noise. I reckon the fox was at least a mile away by now, so, I slowly started back towards TM. I didn't get too close 'cos I reckoned I could be in trouble and she may take my tail away or sell me to the Dogs Home that OTL talks about.

Holly had by now calmed down a bit, and was trotting back as well, smiling from ear to ear!

Oh, WOW did you see it go? Holly said as she got back to me, Oh WOW do you see what TM doing? I said and we both looked towards The Missus who by now was as red as a Poppy and had steam coming out of her ears from blowing that Doggy Whistle, I swear it had melted, she was blowing it that hard!

OTL thought it was great fun and listened to us as we told and re told the tale while he was brushing our coats. 

He said we were Big Brave Puppies and gave us an extra Doggy Choc Drop.

After all that excitement, we both spent most of the morning asleep dreaming of Fox Hunting!

What a day!

See you all tomorrow.

Daisy & Holly


  1. You two really lead an exciting life, Dougal is quite jealous. Hugs Mary & Dougal X

  2. Yo Dougal Mate!

    You can come down here any time to chase Foxes. We can even do a Greasy Badger in the Spring Time!

    If you got any good tricks we can play on OTL, even better!!!

    Daisy & Holly