Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Me and Old Two Legs
Hello! My name is Daisy, I am one year and four days old. I live with Old Two Legs and The Missus, she feeds me and that is just one of my favourite things .

My sister Holly is over to stay for a few days, it's great fun having a game of 'chase' with her. She is a bit heavier than me and while she is almost as fast as me on the straight, I'm better at cornering.

We love going out with Old Two Legs, he takes us to different places for long walks. Sometimes it is over farmland and other times we go down by the seaside. The walk close to home goes past a place where horses are kept. Funny things they are, only interested in eating grass and pooing.

It's great fun to find a pile of fresh poo and take a mouthful, tastes a bit like fizzy grass. It's ok for a lick and a chew but you couldn't live on it!

Best bit is when OTL notices what we are doing and starts jumping up and down screaming his head off. 'No, No, No'

Dunno what he's so worried about, there is enough for him as well!