Friday, 29 October 2010

Tail Tweaking


Life was a little quiet yesterday, Old Two Legs had to go out to do some work so me and Holly did not get our normal 'adventure' trip out. We had to put up with The Missus taking us for a walk across the fields today, still there was not so much of the 'sit' and 'come here'

While we wait for OTL I'll tell you a bit about the best game I know, second to 'Tug The Rope' or maybe 'Chase around the Furniture' or even 'Dig a Big Hole' or better still 'Sneak onto OTL's Bed', I like that one, especially if I have just been digging in the garden and it's been raining.

Holly and I play a game of 'Tag', she chases me and tags me then I chase and tag her. I reckon I am pretty good at the 'Tail Tweak & Roll' tag. It goes like this......Holly is going like the clappers to get away from me but I get close to her and line up on her tail. 

I then grab the tail, at the base and run with her for at least five steps. It is very important to run the five steps as it proves that the grab was not just a lucky grab but rather a well executed grab!


Next comes the tricky bit, I then turn the tail in a anti-clockwise movement to off balance Holly, just enough to get her to twist around and stumble a bit. 



Tomorrow I'll tell you about the 'Leg Grab & Shoulder Charge' that Holly uses. I think I had better get off the bed now, I have put pretty muddy paw prints all over the pillow. OTL will be pleased with my little present for him, artistic Avant-garde Paw Painting!