Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Pussy Cats

Hello there, and a Big Hello to Dougal the Tibetan Terrier as well!

I must tell you about a problem I've been having. 

It is Chrissy, to be exact, her full name is 'Hissin Chrissy'

Chrissy is a big Grey-Blue Pussycat that visits my garden. 

She is not a very nice Pussycat.

I am sure that Chrissy is not a happy cat, there must be something wrong with her home life or maybe she was weaned too early or even in need of a worming tablet. Needless to say when ever I meet up with her all she does is Hiss & Spit at me, not a nice Pussycat.

I was telling this to Holly when she was here and she suggested we have a serious talk to her, together, cos she couldn't Hiss & Spit at both of us at the same time. So we spent some time waiting at the back door for her. Sure enough Chrissy appeared on top of the fence and sneaked down to her hiding place at the side of the shed. She does her bird watching from there.

Because she is an unhappy cat, we can never go straight up to her to have a chat, we have to sort of 'sneak up' on her. So, off we went from the back door, crawling along on our tummies just like real Commando Puppy's, edging ever closer. I wanted to put some grass on my back and stick a twig in my collar as camouflage, but Holly reckoned we did not have the time.

We got to the end of the rockery and that is when Holly looses control and dashes forward to have a word.

Chrissy sees Holly coming and runs back along the gap between the fence and the shed.

Seeing what is going on, I have no option but to run around the other side of the shed to try to block off Chrissy's escape. By now Holly was letting of the most terrible war cry a puppy could make. I joined in to show solidarity with my sister and went crashing through the undergrowth behind the shed, whooping and hollering as well

Between howls and barks, I could hear something coming my way. Yes, it was Holly, we crashed into each other, nose to nose and breathing heavily.

'Well' I asked, 'Where is she'? It was then we heard Chrissy hissing above our heads. She had gone straight up the wall and onto the roof.

These Pussies can be as sneaky as a Greasy Badger!