Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Sneaky or Wot?

Hello again,

Daisy here. 
You know, us Terriers can be very choosy about which command to obey. 

Such things as 'Walkies! or Daisy, Dinner!' well they get my full and undivided attention and I'm there like a shot.

Other times like when I hear  'come in or stop digging or put that down' well they're hardly worth turning around for.

I was out the front of the house and Old Two Legs was calling me to go indoors, I on the other hand had found a seriously interesting smell, no contest. OTL called again, no response, sniff, sniff!

Sorry, I'm deaf when sniffing!

Then The Missus called out   Holly, Holly, Holly!

Holly? Wot? Is she here?

I raced indoors expecting to see my sister waiting there. Nothing, then I searched all over the house for Holly, even in some of my secret places, I couldn't find her anywhere. 

It was then I realised that TM was just being sneaky!

That TM can be so cruel sometimes! 

Still, Holly is coming over next weekend, or so OTL says.

I can't wait!

Now about this tree thing with the twinkling lights, I'm still not sure what it is, but it looks pretty at night and if I look at it for too long, my eyes go all wobbly!

The lights! The Lights!
I'm going to do some serious listening to what OTL & TM are talking about, not that I'm going to obey them, it's just I want to find out what this tree and Mr Snowy are doing here in the house!

Bye Bye for now!