Friday, 24 December 2010

Windy Day

Hello everyone!

Here we are again!

Holly and I have been out all day with The Missus. We have been 'Baby Sitting' and having some fun today with the boys, Tom & Matt. Tearing around the house and the garden. We had to be on our best behaviour 'cos the lounge has just been decorated and has new carpet, so, no muddy paws or chewing rawhide on the new suite. The Missus told us we'd be in 'Deep Poo' if we misbehaved.

So, we tried to be good little puppies all day.

Was it Boring or wot!

When we got back home Old Two Legs was pleased to see us and we were so glad to see him. We both jumped up and gave him a big wet lick on the nose!

We had chicken for dinner, one of our favourite meals and afterwards we mugged OTL for a bit of shortbread!

After all that rushing around today we decided to go off to bed early because we were both tired little girls.

OTL said we are going back tomorrow, can't wait, can we jump on the new sofa tomorrow?

Bye for now,

Daisy and Holly