Monday, 3 January 2011

Fleas, Thorns and Rabbit Holes!

Hello Everyone!

Here we are again after a good nights sleep. Old Two Legs decided he should have an early night and we were packed off to bed at ten last night. Not that we were complaining, a good nights sleep is OK by us.

So we awoke all bright eyed and bushy tailed today, ready for an adventure. OTL was still asleep, lazy old OTL, so we jumped onto the bed and woke him up with a barrage of wet tongues in the ear! That sorted him out!

After our morning 'after breakfast' snooze, OTL looked at That Letter again and told us we should have our flea treatment. That was no real problem, he just squeezes some wet stuff between our shoulder blades. It's sticky for a while then dries off leaving a funny smell!

We pestered OTL to take us down to Cliffe Pools and at midday he agreed and off we went in the car. Holly and I were in our normal driving position looking out the window and woofing at all the cars. Holly blew a raspberry at the postman as we went past, he just laughed and waved at us!

We went for a run along the path at Cliffe Pools, which was great,until Holly got a thorn in her paw. She was sitting there with the paw lifted up.  OTL saw her and managed to take the thorn out, there was a little blood, but not much. I've had more blood when my milk teeth fell out! Holly thought that OTL was wonderful and gave him a big loving lick!

Off we went again, hunting for rabbits. 
Holly found the first hole.

Yoo Hoo Mr Rabbit!

We can See You!!!
The Holly said she saw one pop his head out of this hole, but we never saw him again. I think Holly was telling 'Porkies'!

We got home very late 'cos we stayed out all afternoon. When we got home all we wanted to do was sleep, so we did sleep, before dinner and after dinner and just before we went to bed.

Tired but happy puppies.

Tomorrow we want to go down to Canterbury and see the Bitterns in the reeds, if OTL is not too busy.

We told him that it is the last day of the holiday so we got to do something exciting!

See you tomorrow,

Daisy & Holly

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