Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Hello from Daisy & Holly,

And a big WOOF to Karen who has joined our little band.

You'll be pleased to know that the visit to the vet has been called off, my eye is getting better and Old Two Legs says's I'm off the hook, this time!

We've been to Grandmas today, we left rather late to go there and rather late to come home, so it's a case of rush, rush, rush today!

OTL says's it's Auntie Jane's birthday today, so, 


I wanted OTL to show you the picture of her as a baby, but he said he was too scared she'd sort him out!

Holly has been bossing OTL about today. If she wants to go into the garden for a wee, she uses her 'special' bark and OTL and The Missus knows what she wants. But when Holly sits beside OTL's office chair and barks at him, he gets worried. Well, she did it again today, this time she wanted OTL to know that it was time for our midday walk and he was not watching the clock!

So, like a good OTL, he took us out for a walk. When we got back, we let OTL get back to his office and start work, then Holly crept into the office and did it again!

He couldn't work out what Holly wanted and got all worried. He even went down stairs to see if TM was OK!

Gotcha Again OTL!!!!!

I reckon we could have some fun next year with this trick!

A Very Big HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.

Luv an Kisses


Daisy & Holly


  1. Happy New Year to Daisy and Holly and not forgetting OTL and TM

  2. Look at all those followers, You two are getting to be so famous. Hugs, Mary & Dougal x