Thursday, 27 January 2011

It's the New Park Again!

Hello fellow Woofers,

Daisy & Holly here again!

We reckon Old Two Legs has found a place he really loves! Y'know, it seems he can't stay away from the New Park. Because it has real paths, and places for us to run, and loads of other dogs so we can socialise, and we can see for miles, and there are poo bins all over the place. OTL likes the poo bins 'cos it means he doesn't have to carry the poo bag for miles!

We met a Chinese Crested Dog, but his one had hair!

Normally they look like this.                                           But this is how she looked

We reckon she looked better with hair and Holly said so!

We had fun chasing around and her mate fell in love with OTL and wouldn't leave him alone!

My turn to sniff!

Off we went and Holly decided that we needed a lesson in Orienteering, 'cos she has been to evening classes to learn and I haven't, so, she started off by telling me which way was North. Now I always thought that North was straight up, you know, towards the North Star. When I mentioned this she got all showy off and said that you can't see the stars during the day!

Orienteering for Dogs!
I said that they should put the map on the ground for us dogs but Holly said that was not the done thing and anyway, real maps fold up and go in your pocket. I said I didn't have a pocket and where could I get one?

North is UP!
We ended up having an argument on which way was North and never got around to finding where we were!

It was OK in the end 'cos OTL always knows where we are and we trust him to get us home by tea time.

See you all tomorrow!



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  1. Just as well you have OTL to look after you. Hugs Mary & Dougal X