Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Last Day of The Holiday

Hello to you all,

I suppose you have all been out enjoying yourselves today, me and Holly certainly have. We got Old Two Legs up good and early with the 'Good Morning, Wet Ear' treatment. We know he loves that really, even if he tries to put his head under the blanket!

We were jumping up and down on the bed woofing 'Bittern, Bittern' to let him know where we wanted to go!

Guess what? After breakfast he put us into the car and off we went to see the Bittern!

We had a great ride down to Canterbury, singing songs and waving at the truck drivers.

It was a little frantic when we got there as Holly and I wanted to get out of the car but OTL insisted on getting his gear ready first!

Soon we were off, running and jumping all over the place hunting those pesky Bittern Birds!

Hunting Bittern!
We went in the sheds, they call them hides, where everyone watches the ducks. Holly climbed out of the window onto the shelving outside the window just to get a better view. OTL got her back in and told her that doing stuff like that would scare the birds off. It was lucky that there was no one else in the hide!

We saw some ducks on the pond and Holly asked if they taste like chicken, 'cos everything taste like chicken to her. I think that Holly is too fond of her stomach to do any real bird watching.

We stayed in one of the sheds where we were supposed to be able to see the Bitterns, but all we saw were some horses and a swan and two Mallard Ducks. OTL spent some time with the binoculars looking at the reeds but didn't see any Bittern Birds at all, poor OTL!

Then we got bored and started running up and down the shed, woofing and having a tussle and knocking the rubbish bin over, no more bird watching for OTL, back to Racing & Chasing outside!

Racing & Chasing!
We walked and ran all over the place, it was great fun, we got muddy and wet and covered in bits of plant that stuck to our coats. OTL got us all clean and brushed when we got home. 

It was just left to us to catch up on our sleep before going to bed!

We really do like adventures with Old Two Legs!

Tomorrow it's off to Grandma's and a run on the football fields!

Bye bye for now.

Daisy & Holly


  1. What a great day, Hugs from Mary & Dougal XXX

  2. Hi Mary & Dougal!
    Do we know how to party or Wot!
    Daisy & Holly