Saturday, 22 January 2011

Left Alone at Home!

Hello to you all!

D&H here again.

We have had a strange day today.

We went out with Old Two Legs this morning for our normal walk across the fields. Holly managed to bruise her leg running across the field and was running on just three legs. OTL stopped and had a look for any damage or thorns in her pads but could not see anything at all. So, he picked her up and carried her on his shoulder for a while, she liked that!

That did not please me, being the Alpha Puppy in the house it is my position to get carried first or get brushed first or get the rawhide chew first.

Seeing  Holly up there on the OTL's shoulder wasn't good for my Top Dog position. OTL explained that Holly had a bad leg and I was to stop showing off! I suppose that I was a little 'hasty' and decided that as this was an emergency, I'd let her off this time!

After a while, OTL let Holly get down and she was walking on all four legs for most of the time .

When we got back, OTL and The Missus got all dressed up in smart clothes and OTL explained that they were going to say good bye to Grandma. She had gone to sleep and not bothered to wake up. We were to stay at home all day and be good girls until they got back.

After TM & OTL had gone, we crept up to the office and had a snooze in our day beds. Around midday Holly said she fancied a walk and what were we going to do without OTL? It was just at that moment we heard the front door open, so, rushing down stairs we expected OTL & TM to be there, it wasn't.

It was Auntie Sheila!

She said that she was taking us out and we were to be good puppies and not to run off, as if we would!

We got our double lead on and dashed out of the front door and were off to the farm. Auntie Shelia kept us on our leads but we didn't mind 'cos we played a game with her. She pretended to be Nanook of The North and we were her Husky Dogs pulling her all over the place!

She took us all over the fields and through the holiday camp and then down by the beach, it was great fun and she certainly can run fast!

As much as we love Auntie Sheila, it was good to see OTL & TM when they got back. OTL is going to take us out for a run over the woods tomorrow and on Sunday TM may come with us to the New Park.

We just love weekends!

See you soon.

Daisy & Holly (not limping any more!)

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