Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Years Day

Hello to you all today,

A special hello to Keryn, Steve & the two Jack Russell's, glad to have you on board!

We had a wild New Years Eve, what with all the noise that Miffy & Karen (The Cat People) and Old Two Legs & The Missus were making last night, Holly and I didn't get to sleep until after two in the morning!

We were woken up from our evening snooze, by them, singing and laughing and shouting, especially at midnight. It was so loud that Holly and I thought it was Burglars, so we rushed down stairs all woofing and growling only to find them 'Happy New Year'ing' all over the place!

OTL said it was good to have us all together for the New Year, so we forgave them and gave everyone a lick!

All that is OK, but Holly and I had trouble waking up this morning, a pair of real sleepy heads we were!

OTL & Miffy left us behind at home and went off to do some 'New Year Bird Watching', they walked miles and only saw some ducks! Although Holly and I were disappointed not to go out with them, secretly we're glad to have a lazy day at home! 

Looking at the pictures of the place, it looks a good Rabbit hunting ground, so we're going to get OTL to take us there soon.

RSPB Cliffe Pools

We spent most of the day dodging TM & Karen scattering glitter all over the place, they also left loads of half pealed 'stick on's' all over the floor. If you get them on your tummy they really tug the hair when OTL pulls them off!

We saw that Mr M left us a 'Happy New Year' message yesterday, and he lives in France! 

That's where the Poodles come from, we know that 'cos Aggis told us. 

So, a big Happy New Year to Mr Steve M and his family, and  Aggis!

Not forgetting Dougal and his family, we hope the snow fairy has gone from your place as well!

OH NO!     Shock!     Horror!

OTL opened a letter from the vets this morning, seems I am due a vaccination update! 

I just hate them sticking needles in me!

If I chew up the letter do you think that OTL will forget to take me?

No, neither do I!

See you all tomorrow,

Daisy & Holly

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