Sunday, 16 January 2011

Saturday's Aventure with Old Two Legs

Hi All!

It's Daisy & Holly here and a big HELLO to the 'Allhallows Croppers'!

We just love the weekend, Old Two Legs gets to do all his chores early and we get to go on an all day adventure, providing it's not raining!

This Saturday The Missus is off to her 'Card Making Crop' in the village. This is where she half empties her craft room into the car and goes off all day only to come back with one card she's made!

Still, it keeps her quiet!

OTL would not tell us what he had planned for us, but after our morning walk over the fields and some breakfast,he then disappeared outside to wash his car. We kept an eye on him from the window, just to make sure he didn't escape!

When that was done he collected us and off we went in the car and we ended up at the Woods!
This time he took us in by another gate and we went through the woods exploring new smells.

New Smells or is it a Badger?
We met up with a small horse, no, only joking, it was an Irish Wolf Hound. Me and Holly soon worked out how to get on level terms with him, we just went up in the world!

Eye to Eye!
OTL said it must cost a fortune to feed him but his owner said 'No, just one child a week, lightly roasted, and some dog biscuits!' 

Holly and I thought that was funny and joked about how we could eat two children just for breakfast!

We went through a new gate and soon we were in another part of the park, there were paths and a pond!
Holly and I dashed along the pier to look over the end but OTL called us back, just in case Holly fell in, as she normally does when she gets near water!

Stay away from the water Holly!
Soon we were in very new territory, so Holly suggested we keep a look out for those Greasy Badgers!

Badger Watch!
Then we were enjoying the open ground and soon forgot about Badgers, it was more fun chasing each other around!

Holly chasing me!
Well, we went for miles, and we were getting tired little puppies and on the way back we saw two very strange looking Two Legs standing either side of the path, except that we couldn't see their legs.

The Guardians
OTL called them 'The Guardians' and said they were there to keep all puppies under control and make sure they behaved themselves.'

Didn't work on us!

At one time I thought we were lost but Holly has been studying Orienteering and was able to read the map!

I know where we are!
Well, to cut a long story short, we got lost. We followed Holly and ended up totally lost, I mean, like really lost!

It was a good job OTL recognised the seat we were sitting on or we'd still be looking for the way home!

This way or that way?
We were glad to get home, our dinner was waiting and we were getting a little peckish!

See you tomorrow.

Bye bye from Daisy & Holly.


  1. Sounds like a fab day. Hugs from Mary & Dougal X

  2. Oh Daisy & Holly you do make us chuckle with your adventures, you do have some fab times. Hope you liked the '1' card TM made yesterday!! Please wish OTL a very Happy Birthday for today and give him one of your dog kisses from us all!! lol xx

  3. What a busy pair youve been girls! I did giggle at the fact TM comes back from an all day crop with just 1 card! You nearly made me choke on my horlicks then!!

    My two little terrors - or should I say terriers - sadly dont get to run around as much as you but they are very happy little girls!

    I so enjoy reading about your orienteering adventures!! lol!

    Catch you soon!

    Keryn xx