Monday, 17 January 2011

A Special day for OTL

Hello to you all,

Special hello to Dougal and family, not heard from you for a week or so.

It was good to see The Boys again yesterday, even if they chased us all around the house!

We've had a fun day today, you see it is Old Two Legs birthday today. I am not sure how old he is but I think the word 'OLD' was invented just to describe him!

We both woke him up around six in the morning with a good licking behind his ears and plenty of woofs.

That job done we dragged him out of bed to go for a long run along the beach. Well, he sort of staggers manfully!

On the way we met a Schnauzer, a sort of German Terrier with whiskers, he looked all grumpy to begin with but was really quite funny! He said his name was Herman and he couldn't speak German!

Herman the Schnauzer.
Off we went again and enjoyed a little Beach combing, we were looking for pirate treasure and OLT was looking for a good photograph!

Beach combing for Pirate Treasure!
We hunted all along the beach, but all we could find was old rubbish thrown away by the Two Legs, plus a couple of whelk shells and a bit of dried sea weed and a dead crab!

OTL still was messing about with his camera but as we've told him in the past..........use a tripod!!

Allhallows Pill Box
 You can't say he doesn't try!

We spent the rest of the day having gentle walks on the football field, snoozing and eating nibbles, including mugging OTL for some of his venison burger. Then there was the evening slurp of 'Happy Birthday Whisky' for OTL and some shortbread.

OTL does like his whisky, y'know he even got a 'Happy Birthday E-Mail' from a large whisky maker from the Isle of Islay! 

He must be really important to get that!

Wot a show off!

I reckon it was a 'gentle' Sunday, the sort me an Holly like, oh yes, and we had loads of cuddles with OTL!

We decided that we like birthdays.Holly reckons we should have at least four a year and I couldn't agree more!

See you soon!

Daisy & Holly

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  1. Happy Birthday, yesterday to OTL, And hugs to everyone. Mary & Dougal X