Friday, 21 January 2011

Super Day!

Hi! It's Daisy & Holly here again!

We have had a Super Day today.

First of all we got Old Two Legs to get up early and get all his work done. It was a hard job, he doesn't like getting up before seven in the morning. Seven! That's half way through the day!

Still, he was a good OTL and when he'd finished we gave him a big cuddle just to reward his efforts!

A Cuddle with OTL
As he had finished early, we asked if we can go to the New Park again 'cos it is a Brilliant place to meet other dogs. OTL said that if we get off his lap, we can go. You should have seen the scramble to get off!

In the car on the way out of the village, we saw Buster from next door walking along the path, we woofed to him to let him know where we were going, all he said was 'Lucky Puppies'!

When we got to the car park we were both very excited  and ran around inside the car woofing, then we saw a load of dogs being loaded into another car that was next to us. So, we woofed even louder and started calling them names and saying we could run faster than them and we smelt better and our car was faster than theirs.

Then OTL opened our car door. We fell out onto the ground in a pile of fur and feet.

The dogs next door started to woof at us and said they were going to sort us out for being rude. (Holly started it!)

We didn't say a word, but crept around the back of OTL, so he was between us and the other dogs.

OTL said that we were all big and brave inside the car but wimps outside!

Off we ran, pausing only to turn around and blow raspberries at those other dogs, nah, nah, nah!

We said 'Hello' to a spaniel and shared a sniff with him, then we met a Westie and shared a sniff with him as well.

Yesterday we were playing 'Wolves & Indians', a really good 'Adventure Game', well, today we found the Indians home and camped in it, seeing if they came back for some lunch. OTL thought we looked funny, so he took a photo of us!

We see no Indians!
A little later we met up with a Welsh Springer Spaniel who thought it was fun to chase me all over the place shouting ' Com'on Boyo Faster Now!'

Holly ran up and told him not to be such a woofing bully, he said he only wanted to have some fun and was sorry he had scared me, then he went off to chase another dog!
Welsh Springer Spaniel
We got home, just in time for a spot of late lunch and a snooze before dinner!

After Lunch Snooze
 Have we got it made or wot?

See you tomorrow.   D&H

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