Monday, 31 January 2011

Super Sunday

Hello all you Two Legs!

Daisy & Holly back again!

We've had a really lazy day today, we got up late, then went back to bed for another snooze, and that made us late for our morning walk! It was a bit drafty, up on the top field, the wind was blowing hard and even Old Two Legs had to take his glasses off because the wind was making his eyes water.

When we got back, we had our normal brush before breakfast, but breakfast was Chicken!

Chicken is our most favourite food, second possibly to OTL's shortbread or maybe his Twigglets, or a bit of Venison Burger, (OTL calls 'em Bambi Burgers) or some Roast Beef or maybe a bit of Lamb, or even Pork Pie!

After breakfast, it was back to the office and our day bed, for a snooze before going out again, on our Sunday Adventure!

After Breakfast Snooze
As it was a little cold, we decided that a run around The Farm would be a good idea, especially as OTL had to drop some stuff off at the rubbish tip!

So that's what we did, all the way down there we woofed at the other dogs on the side of the road and Holly sang a couple of new songs she had learnt from Buster next door! After a while we were all singing them as we went through the town! It was especially funny 'cos OTL kept forgetting the words and got the chorus all mixed up!

When we got there, we started off by watching a Spaniel type of dog running about in the field, chasing a ball and taking it back to it's master. Pretty stupid game we thought, what's the good of taking the ball back to your Master if he's going to throw it away again?

Watching Training & Laughing!

Holly said that it was a waste of time taking the ball back and some dogs just didn't have their tails screwed on straight! I wasn't too sure of what she meant but I agreed, just to keep her happy!

It was good fun sniffing all over the Farm, you see we had not been down there for a little while. The old sniffs had faded and there were new ones to check on.  It's a sort of Doggy Notice Board of who's around!

I'm sure I could smell a squirrel here but it was a faint sniff. I could also sniff fox that had past by but that was last night.

Sniffin Squirrels
We didn't find any squirrels and Holly and I reckon they are all sleeping this time of year, just like the Badgers!

We met a big bouncy Labrador type of dog that scared me 'cos he was just too large!

His name is Cody, a funny name for a dog, but OTL says it's an American type of name, made famous by Buffalo Bill Cody who chased Indians and ate Buffalo Steaks and drank whisky without shortbread!

Buffalo Bill Cody on the Road!
Here's a picture just to show you what it's like on The Farm.
Run Daisy Run!
Holly and me had a game of 'Chase' in the field where the sheep are normally kept. It was great to be able to stretch our legs, we could run for miles and not bother to look where we were going!

We got back home, all sort of worn out and ready for our afternoon snooze.

We woke up just before it was time for dinner, it was chicken and a few biscuits!

We are pretty good at telling the time by the rumbling of our tummies, it's called a Doggy Clock!

See you again tomorrow!

Luv D&H

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