Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Tuesday To The Woods!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again.

Well, we did it. Old Two Legs was trying to eat his 'Wheaty Pops' this morning when he got both Holly and me jumping up and down woofing that we wanted to go to the Forest today!

Now OTL can't take too much loud noise first thing in the morning. You know, I don't think he is a morning person, too sleepy you see!

We badgered him all morning until he gave in and bundled us into the car. At the same time there was a parcel to go to the carriers and a load of rubbish for the council tip, which isn't a tip really, just a series of recycling containers.

After all his jobs were done we headed for the Forest. It is a super place for running around and we normally see some other dogs we make friends with.

Well this time we were on the look out for Badgers, so we got up good and high and kept a look out.

Looking out for Badgers
We didn't see any!

That's OK, we know that they are normally asleep during the winter time, but you never know, they may sneak out for a sandwich or a meat pie and a bottle of pop from the corner shop!

We had a good run through the trees and bushes, a couple of times we lost OTL and had to find him again just by the noise he was making with that dog whistle he has. It makes an awful tweeting sound!

Finding OTL
We had to get to him quickly, just to stop him making such a racket!

One thing I do like is the fence all around the Forest, it is put there to keep all those Badgers and Foxes in one place so we can chase them, when we find them. The only problem is, Badgers and Foxes have started to dig holes under the fence so they can go shopping, but they hide the holes. So, if Holly and me want to get out, we have to go through the gate. Yep! They put the catch too high for us to reach and we have to wait until OTL opens the gate for us.

Another Closed Gate!

Holly and I reckon that if we can find a big tree, we could swing from branch to branch like Tarzan and not bother with the gates.

Yeah! Holly can be Tarzan and I'll be Jane, now all we got to do is find a tree with some creepers on it!

Then me and Holly will swing down in front of OTL, guess what we would say?

Yeah, that's right!

Me Jane, You Lost Again!

That would be a great Gotcha on OTL! Now, where is a creeper?

See you all tomorrow, 

Luv an Kisses from Daisy & Holly

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  1. Oooo Daisy you do make me laugh.... Next time I pop into our corner shop, I am gonna keep an eye out for the Badgers buying their lunch! x