Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A two meat day today!

Hello Everyone,

We are back again!

We've been to Grandma's today and spent all day there. The Missus has been sorting out cupboards and drawers while Holly and I have been digging up the garden!

Old Two Legs had to go out for a long time, so we didn't get our normal run around the pond. TM took us for a walk but she kept us on the lead all the time. You would think she doesn't trust us!

When OTL got back, we were all over him like a rash, we miss our OTL when he's not around, it's sort of, BORING!

We got our normal run around the football field and Holly and me got up some serious speed, especially running down hill,and in the dark!

Afterwards we set off for home and TM was telling OTL how much she fancied some chips with salt and vinegar all over them. Old Two Legs says he knows a place where he can get some and he would get a sausage as well for himself. Our little ears pricked up at the mention of sausages, especially the ones OTL eats.

Yep! We mugged him for a few bits of his sausage, lets face it when we are sitting next to him with our noses pointing at the sausage and our heads between him and the sausage, you can't really ignore us!

When we got home,The Missus cooked a chicken she had got out of the freezer this morning, it tasted super, even if it was a little late coming!

We went to bed with full tums and a happy smile on our faces, sausages AND chicken, yes, a super day!

See you tomorrow!

Daisy & Holly

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  1. Dougal is so jealous. Hugs Mary & Dougal XXX