Thursday, 13 January 2011

A visit to The Boys

A Big Woofing Hello to you all again,

Daisy & Holly here to tell you what we did yesterday.

During the night we had a bit of a game. You see we had slept so much in the evening, come bed time, we couldn't get off to sleep. So, a game of 'Throw The Toy' was in order.

We both tossed the hard chew up in the air and it was banging on the cupboards and the door when it landed. I suppose that we also made a little noise chasing after it when it landed. After a short while Old Two Legs came and told us off, we pretended to be pleased to see him so he shouldn't bark so much at us!

He took our toys away and put us to bed then said that if we made any more noise he would come back and take our tails away and then we'd never be happy again.

The Missus told us that we were going to see The Boys!

We left OTL messing about in the office, getting in a real big mess!

Off we went to pick The Boys from school, there were loads of Mummy Two Legs standing around the gate waiting for everyone to come out of the doors! We saw The Boys and jumped up and down till they got to us. We then were able to give them a good licking, from ear to ear and ear to ear!

We went home and they showed us some television games they got for Christmas, there were loads of bangs and stuff, and if there are bangs then they must be good Holly says!

Coming home to OTL was good, we ran from the car and jumped all over him and he got licked from ear to ear as well!

He must have been glad to see us as well 'cos we got a doggy sausage each!

I must say, he has made a good job of the office, here is a picture of the new office, smart or what? Y'know, he even got the vacuum cleaner out, that doesn't happen very often!

OTL's new office
We reckon it looks dead smart,so does The Missus, she wants to move all her card making stuff in there and OTL has told her what she can do with that idea!

Just think of it, more bits of card all over the floor and sparkle stuff, and glue and peel offs and other horrible tasting things! Yuk! No Thanks!

We like the new office and we have our day beds in there and our toys as well. Where would we keep them all if TM moved in?

See you tomorrow, keep woofing, it keeps the cats away!

Luv Daisy & Holly

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