Sunday, 9 January 2011

The Weekend Starts Here!

Yoo Hoo Everyone,

Daisy & Holly back again!

I love Saturday, there is always a chance that Old Two Legs will take us for an adventure of some sorts.

Today started out all rainy and wet when we went for our morning run across the fields. OTL was sort of tip toeing around all the big puddles on the path. Holly and me just waded across them, I mean, trying to go around them meant wading through the mud!

We did a 'Gotcha' on OTL. About half way across the field I sometimes get OTL to carry me on his shoulder so I can see what is across the fields. OTL is over six feet tall and I am only 12 inches at my shoulders! So you can see, the view from his shoulders is much better.

Holly did the 'Pick me up' dance. She jumps up at his leg and pushes hard. So, OTL bends down and scoops Holly up and onto his shoulder. She then has a good look around.

Next, I jump up at his leg and he crouches down so I can jump up onto his leg and then onto his other shoulder.
Fifteen Kilos of puppy and two gallons of muddy wet fur!

He really is an old softy.

It was not until we both stuck a wet paw down his nice warm, dry, soft neck, did he crouch down so we could jump off again!

Yeah! Gotcha OTL!

As we expected, OTL took us for an adventure, but close to home. We went down the beach just about high tide. That meant the sand had almost disappeared and we were left with rocks and grass.

No problem, we just raced around on the rocks and grass!

Beach Puppies
We went all down the beach 'till we got to the stream, OTL decided not to go any further, so we had a paddle in the sea.

Then OTL tried to get all creative with a WWII Pill Box that was slowly being washed out to sea.
That Sinking Feeling
Not sure if he did it justice, maybe he should try again but with a tripod next time!

Holly ran along the sea wall until she ran out of wall and path!

Where's the path and wall?
It was washed away, just like the ground that used to support the Pill Box!

Still, a great time was had by us all and we were so tired when we got back, we even slept through OTL having his diner!

See you tomorrow, maybe with another adventure!


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