Saturday, 19 February 2011

It's Friday, so that means the vets for Holly

Hello all,

Daisy & Holly back to you again!

We had a restless night last night, OTL and me stayed up late to let Holly get to the garden for a pooh.

After all that staying up stuff, there was another little pile in the kitchen for TM to clear up this morning!

Old Two Legs got Holly an appointment at the vets and I had to wait for my breakfast until Holly left with OTL!

At the vets it was crowded with other dogs and cats, I suppose they were all there to get wormed. Holly thought it was a good idea to have all the cats in boxes, she said it was sort of like a McCat Takeaway in a Box, but without the French Fries!

The vet did his normal thing, inspect her all over, tummy and teeth and eyes and, yes, stuck a thermometer up her bottom!

OTL and the vet agreed that Holly had picked up the bug from me and she was not as bad as me but still in need of some TLC and medicine, around the same price as mine cost.

I think that we should take OTL to his vet and get him wormed, he goes a funny shade of white every time he gets our bill from the vet!

OTL took us both out to the Sea Wall for some 'fresh air'. We got here and the wind was blowing and it was certainly 'Fresh'!

Holly said she could smell the Kebab shops from down the coast!

Kebabs Up Wind!
Now this super sensitive noses that us dogs have is not going to do Holly any good 'cos she has got to starve for twenty four hours so her tummy can settle down and get rid of the bugs she got from me.

That's going to hurt, she does love her food!

I'm giving her lots of cuddles and letting her into my day bed any time she wants, well, it's the least I can do!

If Holly is up to it, we are off to do some bird watching tomorrow, down The Marshes, and we will be taking The Boys as well!

Fingers crossed for sunshine and Holly feeling better.

See you tomorrow!

Daisy & Holly

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