Sunday, 20 February 2011

Saturday Bird Watching in the Garden

Hello Everyone.

I hope you enjoyed your Saturday.

The Boys have come over to stay for the weekend, so Holly and I have had a load of attention, stroking and cuddles. Especially Holly, 'cos she is still not very well.

It has rained all day today, so our planned trip to do some bird watching was cancelled. Old Two Legs came up with the idea of bird watching from the French Windows into the back garden.

Well it was a sort of success, he opened the doors wide and hung some camouflage netting from the curtain rail and we all sat behind the netting and looked at the birds that came to feed in the garden.

That was fun for a while but even the birds don't like the rain, so they cleared off down the beach cafe where there is some shelter from the rain and they can get a cup of tea and a seed roll!

It was then that Thomas had a good idea, 'lets take some indoor photos'

OTL got the camera stuff out and we had some fun taking pictures, here they are!

OTL took this one.

Holly, Thomas & Me
Thomas took the ones below.
Me Waving at You!

Having a rest.
Choc Drops on OTL's Head!
This one was fun 'cos OTL put some choc drops on his head to see what we would do, Holly kept her eye on the box of chocs and I made a grab at the ones on his bald patch!

We think Thomas did very well taking those pictures, it was a good day.

Holly was not to well last night, OTL stayed up with her most of the night because she was not only poohing but being sick as well. I had the same horrid tummy upset but Holly doesn't seem so bad.

But she says she still feels rotten!

A bit of TLC from OTL, medicine and a cuddle from TM and she will soon be better.

If it has stopped raining we may go out for a walk along the beach on Sunday, get some fresh air and smell the Fish & Chip shops along the coast!

Bye for now.

Daisy & Holly

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