Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Tuesday is Food Day!

Hi to you all again,

Holly here to keep you updated on Daisy.

Today is a real red letter day for Daisy 'cos yesterday she was not allowed any food because of her tummy upset. So, you can imagine, she was getting a little peckish.

In support for my sister yesterday, I was off my food as well. Not through choice, but TM has given me some new 'super' food the vet recommended.

Trouble is, it looks like rabbit dropping! It is seriously Yuk, only if I am starving would I eat that stuff.

Vets may know how to stick a thermometer up your bottom, but they know nothing about tasty food!

We got a little chicken and rice first thing this morning and Daisy got a dollop of her medicine as well.

It was good getting a little food, at least I didn't have to listen to Daisy's tummy rumbling away, not like I did last night!

It was a terrible noise, gurgle, rumble-rumble, burp, all night long!

After breakfast and a good brushing from OTL, we settled down to an 'after breakfast snooze'. That should last us until lunch time when we will be going out with OTL for a walk in a park with a big lake and lots of ducks.

Now, I've tasted the duck fillets OTL gives us and they are not too bad, trouble is, the live ducks are just too fast when I try chasing them. Maybe the packaged duck is better, not so much running about!

We left the ducks alone and instead dared each other to cross the river on a pipe, Daisy said she could, but saw no point! I said I could, but OTL was calling me, so I didn't have time!

Pipe Walking Declined!
We both got soaking wet 'cos of the rain and now my tummy doesn't feel too good, I hope I haven't caught what Daisy has!

See you tomorrow!

Holly & Daisy

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