Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Weekend is here!

Hello all you D&H fans!

Here we are again, and, it's Saturday!

It must be the weekend 'cos it's raining!

We woke this morning to The Missus crashing and banging her card making stuff around. So that means she's off to a card making day with her mates.

We had our little 'after get up snooze' with Old Two Legs while he tried to get a Saturday morning snoozett in bed. We sort of crashed out resting against him but could not really get back to sleep, TM was making SO MUCH NOISE!

How can paper and card make so much noise!

We had some fun in the morning, after TM had gone, we chased around the house after breakfast and Holly and me were given half a carrot each. We both had a chew then Holly started grumbling that I was going to pinch her carrot!

Not that I was going to, but you just can't tell her!

So, I hid mine under the blanket in my day bed and went off to see what OTL was doing.


He was trying to catch up on his magazines and books that he claims we don't give him time to read. So, I jumped up on his lap and then climbed up onto the back of his chair and gave him a cuddle and a lick on the ear.

He just loves that!

We couldn't go out for an Adventure because of the rain, so we had a game with OTL called, Hunt The Rawhide Chew.

We would let him see us with the chew, up stairs in his office, then we would both run out as though we were playing chase, run down stairs and make our 'Awful Barking and Growling Noise' as though someone was at the door. Down would come OTL, see us sitting all quiet and peaceful looking out the front window, but without the chew.

OTL would say, 'Where's the chew?' we said nothing, he would then start looking for it, we said nothing, he starts to look behind the sofa, we sneak up stairs with the chew that Holly had been laying on all the time.

OTL, he's still down stairs  looking for the chew 'cos he knows TM will give him stick 'cos he shouldn't allow us down stairs with the chew.

We are up the top of the stairs, looking through the gap at OTL, he's getting desperate now, 'Where's the Chew?' he calls out.

We give it a shove and drop it through the stairs!

And then run like mad!

He is so easy to trick!!!!

See you tomorrow,



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