Wednesday, 2 February 2011

We've Had A Lazy Day Today!

Hello to you all,

Holly and me have been lazy puppies today, we got up late, it was gone seven before we woke Old Two Legs.

You know, the old 'cold wet nose in the ear' treatment.

Then we went back to bed for our 'after getting up snooze'!

OTL had some work to do today and when he went out he left us behind!

We spent the day looking out the window for him or sleeping in his office. Mine you, when he did come back, he got a serious 'welcome back' from Holly and me.

We jumped onto him from the chair and his glasses went flying, we nibbled his ear, licked his nose and generally made a big fuss of him!

By the time he got back, it was too late for us to go out for an adventure, so we had a walk with him across the fields and around the back of the golf course.

On our way we shouted 'hello' down the fox hole but got no reply, maybe they were out getting a Kebab or Fish and Chips!

There were no rabbits around either, we think they were out shopping as well!

We heard the man from the dog kennels shouting at his dogs as he walked them across the other side of the field. I bet he has trouble with those dogs, I mean, I'd run off if I was shouted at like that!

When we got in, OTL gave us some 'Duck Fillets' which we just LOVE! They are strips of dried duck and they taste super! We sometimes get chicken fillets and they are just as yummy!

I suppose OTL gave us those because he felt guilty about leaving us at home all day with The Missus, while he went on an adventure on his own!

Tomorrow we are off to pick up the boys from school, that should be fun, we always make a fuss of them when they come out school. This time we can tell them about our day at school and how we are too clever to need to go back!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

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  1. I just want to say what good little puppies you were while OTL was out earning some more pennies. .... Maybe he will buy you some new chews!x hugs from 'The Missus' xx