Monday, 21 March 2011

First Swim of the Year

Hi All,

Daisy & Holly here!

Today has been a super day, we've been out running across the fields, we've been chasing each other all over the house, we've had a super snoozett this morning and after lunch we had our First Swim This Year!

Holly, me and Old Two Legs went down the Sea Wall after lunch and had a walk along the beach. The tide was just on the turn and was gently splashing waves on the beach. The only problem was that the concrete was so slippery that we kept slipping over!

Slippery or Wot!

We ran all along the concrete path and down the steps onto the beach where there were loads of sea shells. There we met another dog, called Bonnzo, we said hello as we passed on the beach.

Hello Bonnzo!
Holly reckoned it was warm enough to go for a swim and she bet me next weeks Rawhide Chew and said I would not go in for a swim. Well, for a Chew, I might just!

To Swim or Not To Swim?
I wandered in up to my tummy and made a splashing noise as if I was swimming, but I still kept all four paws on the bottom!

Holly said I was cheating, I said I was not, then we got into a 'Discussion'!

I was out there!

So I went into the water again and pointed out where I was swimming, but she said I was cheating and she would not give up the Chew to a cheat!

I said that I was going to tell OTL and he would sort it out, trouble is, by the time we got back in the car, I'd forgotten all about it!

I must make a note on my iPod to have a meeting with him tomorrow!

See you again soon, I hope!


Daisy and Holly


  1. Hi Daisy and Holly, Oby one is waiting to see you from the other side (well Riverside Country Park) actually, have a look on my Blog. He goes in the water as well.

  2. Daisy .... your iPod is for music.... ask OTL to get you an iPad for your notes to him.....I will borrow it then! xx

    @ Mike....checking out your blog Mike x

  3. Daisy, what you really need is an iPaws, I have seen them, rather expensive but better than an iPad. We know how OTL likes spending his money, especially on his dear little puppies.