Saturday, 5 March 2011

Friday and a New Rawhide Chew

Hello Mates,

D&H back again.

Hello to Michael and welcome to the world of Daisy & Holly.

I really don't know how we made it through the night, my stomach was rumbling and groaning all night long. Holly started to hallucinate, she said she saw chickens running around her food bowl pinching some of the Doggy Food!

Now we know that the food man comes on Friday morning so we both sat at the kitchen door waiting. The Missus was cooking something we had not had before and we were unsure if it was for us or Old Two Legs breakfast.

It was for us! Pigs Liver and Doggy Biscuits, well we woofed that down in a flash, didn't even have time to draw breath. There was even some left over for a lunch time snack!

TM out did herself on this one, now all we need now is some chicken for dinner tonight, just to round the day off!

The food man also brought us our Rawhide Chews, one each, but the trouble is, we can't decide which one is best, the one I have or the one Holly has. So, we try pinching each others, then get into a growling match over who has what chew!

It's all good fun really and it gives OTL a chance to try to make us stop growling and woofing at each other.

No Chance!

Auntie Sheila came over today to play at making cards with TM, I don't think there was much card making 'cos they were both gassing away like their lives depended on it!

Just for a change the sun is shining today. The birds are fighting over nest boxes and the Blue Tits are diving in and out of their nest box with bits of grass.

Spring is here!

It won't be long before OTL takes us down to Canterbury and we can run through the Marshes again while he attempts to take pictures of Bitterns and all sorts of ducks and birdies!

We may even start digging up the flower garden, just to help TM of course!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly

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