Friday, 25 March 2011

Sun, Sun, Sun!

Hello Everyone!

Daisy & Holly here to see you again.

A Big Hello to Jackid68, welcome to our group of Woofers, we hope you enjoy our world! 

What a wonderful day, we've been out with Old Two Legs down to the New Park after doing some deliveries. We met loads of doggies and a big Alsatian chased Holly all over the place!

Holly was running flat out but forgot to do the 'Tight Turn' trick we have been practising for such a long time. I called out to her to do it but she was just charging along in a straight line. I even tried to distract the Alsatian by running across his path but he was after Holly. He was just having fun but it worried Holly for a little while.

When we got home, we practised the 'Tight Turn' again in the garden and Holly promised to try to remember it next time!

After all that chasing around we decided that it was time for our afternoon snoozett. I wanted to sleep in my day bed, so did Holly, so we both cuddled up and had a snoozett, until OTL rattled his car keys!

An Afternoon Snoozett
That was it, a sign we were off again for another Adventure!

This time he had to pick up some stuff and after that we went to the Bird Place where OTL likes to photograph birds. However, there we not very many birds, but, boy were there rabbits!

Driving up the road we saw hundreds of rabbits! Holly and me went potty woofing at them all and they all ran away when they heard us!

We got out of the car but OTL would not let us off the lead! We could have had a wonderful time chasing them pesky rabbits, instead, all we could do was, woof, and watch them in the distance!

Let us off the lead!
Well, all we could do was sit there and wish!
Holly said that rabbits had mountains of carrots in their burrows and they would only share them with you  if you knew the magic password. 

I asked if it was like the Lord of The Rings thing, you know, Speak Friend and Enter?
Holly said it was but she didn't know the password!

I wish we could undo this lead!
We tried a few like, lettuce and carrots and cabbage but nothing happened. 

There is always next time and I know OTL will be back again with his camera, so we have more chances in the future!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly


  1. Run Rabbit run, Holly and Daisy may catch you.

  2. I love the Afternoon Snooze pic, gorgeous.