Saturday, 12 March 2011

Whoopee it's Friday!

Hi All,

Daisy & Holly back again!

Today is Friday, that means the Food Man comes. The Food Man is a lovely man, he brings food for The Missus and Old Two Legs and of course, our food!

Best of all he brings our Rawhide Chews!

Now it is a well known doggy thing, no matter how juicy and tasty the thing I've got tastes, I will always want the one that Holly has, and visa versa. So, we grumble and growl and nick the other one while our one is being nicked by the other doggy. Only then do we decide that our original one was better and we try to get it back by grumbling.

Better still, if we can get our one back and still keep hold of the other one, success!
It's just so we can compare the taste and chew-ability at different points!

Now, if you have two dogs and two chews and one dog wants both chews, well you do the maths all I know is the answer is, we get into 'Grumbly Time' and OTL shouts at us and we get one chew taken away, so we have to share the last chew.

Not happy 'cos OTL's taken a Chew away!

That is, we are then minus one chew, so, that means one chew divided by two dogs equals, Grumbly Time.

Oooo, this maths thing hurts my brain, How Leonis got a 100% in her maths test is beyond me. She must be really clever, I bet she has her own chew and doesn't have to share with anyone!

Now, we have one chew and two doggies, so, that means half each. The problem is, which half is mine, or hers, no matter which end we chew, we always reckon the other end is better, so we get into Grumbly Mode again!

Two Doggies into One Chew!
 I think I'll go back to bed now and have a snoozett, 'cos my brain hurts!

See you tomorrow for an Adventure with OTL, we hope.


Daisy & Holly

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