Friday, 29 April 2011

Another visit to The Farm

Hi Every One!

We're back again!

We've been told off by The Missus today for telling everyone that she goes baby sitting the grand children, seems like The Boys may not like being sat upon, or summat like that!

So, now we must refer TM visits to The Boys as 'Child Minding'!

Not that we care about being 'PC', we just object to an attempt by TM to censor this daily dose of fun.

It's a good job Old Two Legs stands up for us, that's why he gets a cuddle in the morning!

Our Hero!

He also takes us out for 'Adventures', like today, we went down to The Farm and had a super run around, we met a new dog while we were there.

Called 'Paddy', she's a cross between a poodle and a cocker spaniel, full of fun and all she wanted to do was to play 'chase'.

Hello Paddy!
She chased us all over the place, up the path and down across the fields. She was fast on the straight but not so good at turning. Holly got rolled a couple of times and Paddy caught me as well. You know, I even had to give Paddy a nip on the nose to get her to play gently.

That lasted for all of five seconds!

A Nip on the nose type pause!
We were glad when we went one way and Paddy and her owner went the other way, at least we could get back to sniffin, weein an' woofin!

We explored the woods and went looking for Foxes but only found their scent and that was a couple of days old!

Sniffin for a Fox
As we were going along the wooded path, we heard a knocking sound like someone was banging a stick on a tree trunk, OTL said it was a 'Great Spot' and Holly laughed and said that when she got a spot it may have hurt like that but it never sounded like that!

Listening for a Great Spot!
OTL thought that was funny and called her a 'Potty Puppy', the he explained that it was a woodpecker called a Great Spotted Woodpecker and it had a big red spot behind it's head and it looked great!

Holly said that she could understand why the bird was banging it head on a tree and she would be the same if she had a big spot on the back of her head!

We all looked for the bird but it was hidden in the leaves and behind the trees!

On Friday, we may go out to do some more bird watching 'cos TM wants to sit in front of the television, watching the 'Wedding'. She said she wanted no interruptions, woofing or making a mess with the carrots!

I suppose that means TM will be sitting there all on her own, all day, looking after herself.

Could that be called 'Granny Sitting'? Are we allowed to say that? Do we care?

Down with censorship, with a big Raspberry!!

Bye Bye for now, see you tomorrow,


Daisy & Holly


  1. Paddy sounds like a lot of Fun Daisy, Glad OTL is sticking up for you. Let TM watch the boring wedding. Every time you turn the Telly on over here all you get is the WEDDING, and more wedding.
    See you later,Luv Mike

  2. Mmmm ..... must admit you did not want to watch the wedding did you Daisy and Holly was far more interested in a Carrot!