Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Back home to our own garden!

Hello to you all,

Daisy & Holly back again and back home as well!

We went for a walk with OLT this morning and saw a very sad sight.

Along the side of a drain, we saw a swan sitting on a nest.

A drain in these parts is a sort of drainage ditch that is always full of water to drain off the farm land.

Anyway, the swan was sitting on a nest in which she had laid five eggs. OTL managed to count them when she got up to turn them over.

That was OK, the swan looked healthy and did not get upset when we passed. We had seen her last year, sitting on the same nest and she just looked at us passing, same as this year.

This year was different, beside the nest was her mate, but he was laying in the water with his head under the water, sadly he was dead. We don't know why he died, there was no sign that a fox had got him. Maybe it was old age and he just didn't wake up one morning.

We felt a little sad about it but OTL said that things like this happen all the time and it was just nature making adjustments to the number of swans.


I suppose it was like when grandma forgot to wake up and it was nature making some adjustments then.

On the bright side though, if the eggs all hatch out then there will be five young swans to take his place!

We went out this morning with Old Two Legs, deep into a forest with Bluebells all over the place, they looked really pretty. OTL was clicking away with his camera. It's an old 35mm camera, so that means we will not see the results for a week or so!

We were walking along a path and a female pheasant came strolling along the path towards us, well, Holly saw it first a raced down the path to say 'hello' but she must have made the pheasant jump 'cos it flew up in the air a disappeared into the woods very quickly!

Holly said it wasn't very 'pheasant' of it to fly away without saying 'Hello'!

I swear she is getting as bad as OTL with her jokes!

Packing the caravan up was fun, we sat in the car and watched OTL & TM pack everything away!

When we got home it was good to be back sniffing our own garden and checking everything out.

So, we're back on 'Guard Duty' tonight and OTL and The Missus can sleep sound knowing we are ready to bark our heads off at the slightest noise, just like good puppies that we are!

See you tomorrow,


Daisy & Holly


  1. You were very well behaved puppies while we were away .... it's good to be home and I have some treats for you! xxxx

  2. I'm glad to hear it, you two being good puppies