Thursday, 21 April 2011

Daisy's Diary from a field of sheep!

Hello All!

Daisy & Holly here in sunny Romney Marsh,in the middle of a field of sheep and lambs, or as Holly would say, Kebab on the Hoof!

A big woofing Happy Birthday to Fiona up in the wild and woolly North East of Scotland!

That's where you get real tasty carrots, so Holly says!

We got down here mid afternoon and it took some time to set everything up, including the satellite dish!

The Missus has got to have her comforts you know!

We've been out to say hello to the sheep and they told us to 'Baa Off', seems they remember us from last year!

Hello Mint Sauce!
Holly said that we should give them all names, like Kofti Kebab & Chips or Lamb Stew or Lamb Chop!

We will have plenty of time to talk to them some more, so we will let you know how we get on!

OTL has found out that there is a Barn Owl nesting in a building in the next field, we expect OTL to be sitting in his tent waiting for the bird to show it's face!

More news tomorrow.

Luv Daisy & Holly


  1. He will have a long time to wait as they only come out at night.

    One other thing don't forget to take OTL for walk, we can't have him lazing around now can we.

  2. Keep away from those sheep you two or else.