Thursday, 7 April 2011

Just look at that sun!

Hi Woofers,

D&H back with the sun shine today!

We have been 'On Patrol' last night and at four in the morning we heard a noise outside, so we went GDM (Guard Dog Mode).

We woofed and then we growled and then to make sure, we woofed again. The Missus didn't join in this time, I think it must be she is getting to trust us to sort out the burglars and pussy cats who creep around at night!

Having done such a good job, we were expecting some sort of reward at breakfast time, what did we get?

DOGGY FOOD!   Yuk and Double Yuk!

That's it, we are on strike, no more cuddles, no more ear licks, no guard dog mode, no more games with the washing either!

If she wants to dig the garden she can do it on her own, we are not going to help her!

Old Two Legs rushed around doing his work and was getting ready to go out, so at least we had an adventure to look forward to, even if we were both faint with hunger!

And we did have an adventure! We went with OTL to deliver some stuff then off to his accountant and on the way back we stopped off at the Riverside Park! It was brilliant, the tide was on it's way in but there was still loads of mud to walk in!

We saw the Old Boat again and it was still making loads of noises!

That Boat Again!
Holly tried out some bird watching and she saw a Black Headed Gull, but the Gull saw her first and started making squawking noises!

See You!
A bit further on Holly saw one of her old friends and stopped to say hello.

My Mate!
I think OTL must have had a word with TM 'cos tonight we got some chicken, not a lot, but enough to fill a tummy before mugging OTL for a bit of his dinner!

As it was warm this evening, the kitchen door was left open, so Holly took the opportunity to woof at the neighbours for making a noise in their garden!

OTL had to call her in!

We had our after dinner snooze and we both woke up in time to have an early night 'cos we are out with OTL in the morning doing more deliveries!

It's a hard life being a puppy you know!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. There's lots of funny smells at Riverside. Did you get your paws wet?

  2. Yes ...they are both brave little puppies and go into the water ......but not too far!

  3. Ah... they only have little legs