Saturday, 23 April 2011

Running on the sand and The Alamo!

Hi Folks!

Daisy & Holly here again.

Have we had some fun here today, we went around the field this morning and did our normal 'woof' to the sheep and lambs.

We've been on patrol last night looking out for the Foxes again, but this time we didn't hear anything, mainly because Old Two Legs was snoring, he had been on the whisky again and always snores after a whisky!

Mind you, he also snores without a whisky, so it's a lose, lose situation as far as snoring and OTL go!

We went down onto the beach and the sea was right out in the distance, so we had a little room to run!

And did we run!

We ran and we ran!
 Then, just as we thought we could not run any more.........

We ran some more!
It was super!

We saw a dog running up behind us so me and Holly got behind the wall and pretended we were at The Alamo and I was Daisy Crockett until Holly said that he died at The Alamo, so we just woofed at the doggy until he went away!
The Alamo!
All this running and woofing made us so hot, in fact it was so hot we decided to have a lay down in the stream to cool off!

Cooling Off!
What was better, we found a super sniff that OTL couldn't see, it was sort of spread around and under the sand but it still was worth a roll, so, I had a roll and OTL just thought I was rolling in sand, which I was, sort off!!

Rolling in something Smelly!
By the time we got back we were tired, hungry puppies, so if The Missus wants any Guarding or Patrolling done tonight, she can do it herself!

Bye bye all, and we will see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly


  1. What a lot of fun you both had

  2. Looks like you boyh had some fun, like the one of both of you with your feet off the ground. We are all knackered after a day at Disney. 8.40am hear,blog coming when we all wake up.

  3. 'Daisy' Crockett! priceless! xxxx

  4. Queen of the wild front-ere!! xxx