Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Back to Work again

Yo Woofer Mates!

Daisy & Holly here again!

We've had a very busy day today. The Missus has gone off to baby sit The Boys, sorry, Child Mind, The Boys. Half Term Holiday and all that! So we are here helping Old Two Legs get all his work done. On his desk is a big pile of paper that he has to do things with and then hide in draws and after many years, he puts it all in the paper shredder.

Why he doesn't do that in the first place I really don't know, it would save a lot of shelf space in the cupboard!

We started off with our normal walk and 'after walk snooze', you know, it can really set you up for the day having a snooze after waking up from the night time snooze!
We left OTL playing with the papers while we snoozed!

After Get Up Snooze.
After a while we were woken by the smell of OTL making tea, and, you know what goes with tea? Yes, biscuits! In fact Cookies! We always mug OTL for a bit of his biscuit, before he dips it in his tea!

After that it was a run down to the post and off to The Farm for a run and chase after the rabbits and foxes.

Well we didn't see any foxes and all we saw of the rabbits was a pile of poo. So we had a chew but OTL shoo'ed us away before more that just a nibble. He really is a spoil sport sometimes!

Holly found a pile of logs and pretended she was a Lumberjack and ran around shouting Timber!
Holly the Lumberjack

We ran up and down the hills, it was great fun and when I was running down the hill I found that I could jump up in the air and travel twice the distance I can on the flat, flying or wot!

I'm Flying!
On the way back we met up with a youngster that was only a few months old, a real cuddly puppy that had a drink from our water bowl when we got back to the car. You just don't know how welcome that drink is in this hot weather!

Hello young lad!
Tomorrow OTL says we will see The Boys when we go down to the New Park, we hope so, well they can run a little faster that OTL!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

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